The Child Had Not Been Informed Of The Mother’s Death

November 15, 2011

I posted this story in another type of thread a while back. I think of this a little more as a story of undying love rather than a ghost story but I do think it fits here. Last year, I cared for a 3 year old child who had been in a MVA with her mother and older sister. Unfortunately, mom died in the accident. The older sister broke an arm and was admitted to the Peds unit for a night or two with an ORIF. The 3 year old had multiple injuries including two broken femurs, a broken arm and more that I can’t remember off the top of my head. She was initially in the PICU so never got to be with her sister after the accident. I cared for this little girl when she was transferred to Peds. Now she was almost always alone. She had not yet seen her sister and her father I assume was busy with funeral arrangements etc. This child had not even been informed of her mother’s death. She was a very stoic child, would never cry despite being in obvious pain I’m sure. She never showed ANY expression of emotion, wouldn’t talk to ANY of the staff, wouldn’t eat or drink even when we brought her some of her favorite foods. She just broke my heart. I would park my chair and portable computer in front of her room at night when things would settle down just in case I did hear her cry or anything. One night I heard her quiet voice starting to talk, in obvious conversation. She was saying “Mommy, I’m coming too now? Mommy, why can’t I go too? “. I got such chills! I walked into the room and that little baby was wide awake, holding her arms out as if in a hug and focusing her eyes on a spot in front of her face. I am SURE that her mother was in there at that moment, being with her baby just as she would have in life. I cried the whole drive home that morning, thinking of the terrified child being comforted by her literal angel of a mother. I just wonder, with her undeniably seeing her mom there in the room that night, did she then know that mommy was gone from this earth?

– Posted by ChristaRN; Allnurses


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