On The Roof

November 15, 2011

Not nursing related but both are RN now. I was about the age of 10 and stayed home from school for being sick. Me and my sister have always been best friends. Well she decided to stay home as well think she was 20 and in college at the time. I wanted to play hide and seek in our backyard it was around 2 pm sun up and clear day!!! After I was counting I began to look for her and found her smiling at me on top of the garage on the roof!!! Me thinking it was odd she was up their said” come down” she just smiled. I then hear someone behind me say who are u talking to ? it was my sister to this day I have no idea what it was on the garage. House is about fifty years old we lives in it for about 30 years . someone apparently died in a fire in that garage and you can still see burn marks on the old wood

-Posted by Mgrn123; Allnurses

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