“Mommy, Where Is Uncle Timmy?”

November 15, 2011

My friend’s brother was in a bad car accident in the middle of the night, and was brought to the hospital I work at. My friend came to the hospital, leaving her husband and two small children at home. She didn’t say anything to her children about what had happened, and didn’t wake them up either, as she thought it would be best to wait.Anyway, despite the efforts from the medical team, her brother did not survive the trauma and died a few hours later. When my friend got home from the hospital, exhausted from her night and in shock from what happened, she was greeted by her very sleepy 6yr old daughter, who heard her keys in the front door. She was rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, and said “mommy where is uncle Timmy?”, my friend, not expecting this from her daughter, only answered “what sweetie?”, her daughter said ” uncle Timmy was in my room and told me to always where my seat belt, and that he loves me, but mommy where did he go? is he having breakfast with us?” My friend was in such disbelief she didn’t know how to respond and just told her daughter that uncle Timmy had to go. Its amazing what messages spirits can leave behind and how they can still get through to us after they have passed.

– Posted by sideofsubstance; Allnurses


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