As She Walked Past The Chairs Rattled

November 15, 2011

When I was doing agency work in an old hospital in the next city, I saw a ghost right in front of me.

I was going off-duty one afternoon and to leave the ward I had to walk down a corridor. There were stacking chairs piled up all along one wall. As I entered the corridor I noticed a woman walking ten feet or so in front of me, which was puzzling as I hadn’t seen anyone else leaving at the same time.

She was wearing a long pale coat with the hood up, which I also thought odd: why put your hood up indoors?

In the second or two that I thought all this, a high stack of chairs started rattling or vibrating. As the woman passed them the top two FLEW off and fell onto her head!

I started to call ‘Watch out!’, but as I opened my mouth the chairs landed on her and she vanished. The chairs hit the floor with a clatter.

I stood for a moment, absolutely stunned, then picked up the chairs and re-stacked them. I did briefly consider going back to the ward to tell the staff but thought they’d think me a nutter, and besides, I wanted to be home after a busy shift!

– Posted by Cheshire Girl; Allnurses


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