The Slave Cabin

November 6, 2011

True story: I grew up near the Forks of Cypress plantation (if you’ve seen or read Alex Haley’s book Queen, it’s where she was born) and I used to like to drive by there and look at the little slave cabin and the columns that are all that is left of the big house. Then my class took a field trip out there, and I was shocked to find that the cabin was gone, since I had looked forward to going inside.

Turns out the slave cabin had burned down 5 years before.

Only… several people I knew had seen it within those 5 years. So, my best friend and I developed the hypothesis that only people who didn’t know it was gone could still see it. We loaded up her boyfriend and his best friend (who is now my husband) and drove them out there. We told them to look for something scary, but wouldn’t tell them what it was. We did a couple of drivebys, and then parked up the street and asked what they saw. The boyfriend replied, “I couldn’t see anything, that stupid slave cabin was in the way.”

We drove him back by to prove that it wasn’t there. He freaked out. After that, we never found anyone who had seen it, but it scared the crap out of us at the time

– Posted by Bunny Deville; Fark


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