Not That Grandma

October 11, 2011

It is a very personal story and has fueled my belief in ghosts.

One night, my mom awoke to my baby sister crying. She went into my sister’s room to comfort her, asking her if she had a bad dream. My sister said ‘grandma said she won’t be able to come see me anymore’. My mom was a little confused and told her that she’d take her tomorrow to see grandma. Turns out, my sister wasn’t talking about my dad’s mother; she told me mom ‘not that grandma, your mommy’. My mom will never forget this story – my baby sister had been having conversations with my mom’s mother.

I am only two years older than my younger sister. Neither of us got to know my maternal grandmother, she had died of a heart disease well before we were born.

– Posted by IanZee; Reddit


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