The Ring

October 4, 2011

My stepmom died about 4 years ago. My father took it really hard. He had never been particularly religious, and I was never sure about his view on the afterlife or anything related to it. After she died, he would ask for signs all the time. He just wanted, like people do, to know she still existed somewhere.

He had gotten a chain to put her wedding ring on so he could keep it with him, but it kept falling off. He lost it on a baseball field once and my whole extended family had to scour the thing to find it. He eventually had to get a chain that had no clasp. It just barely fit around his head. He put the ring on it and had it soldered back together so it could not come off.

He went to bed one night and I woke up to him yelling for me to come in his room. I ran in and he points to the pillow next to his. The ring was sitting on it. He said he woke up and it was just sitting there. The chain was still around his neck, unbroken. I have no idea how that could be possible without some kind of paranormal fuckery, and I’m grateful to my stepmom for giving my dad that peace of mind. That incident really helped him.

– Posted by oyofmidworld; Reddit


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