October 4, 2011

This didn’t happen to me, so I don’t tell the story very well and I may have a couple details off, but I always found this a little creepy. It’s really out there, so I don’t blame you if you don’t believe it. I do simply because I know the guy it happened to very well and he’s extremely skeptical.

A friend of mine, Brian, used to do investigations with a couple other people. They were very skeptical and would never assume anything they couldn’t explain was a “ghost,” they’d just say “welp, there’s something going on here we can’t explain” and leave it at that. They very seldom got a case that even ended in that.

A couple friends of Brian’s kept bugging him to check out their apartment because they had apparently made several contacts on a Quija board and kept having weird things happen around the place(doors shutting randomly, stuff falling off counters). Of course, Brian’s first reaction was “A Quija board? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” However, his friend was really insistent and finally he went to check it out. Brian had the guys use the Ouija board and they “contacted” several different spirits or whatever you want to call them. One of them spoke Spanish, which intrigued Brian because none of the guys spoke Spanish.

The building the apartment was in used to be a hotel, and across from the apartment was a closed off hallway where all the rooms used to be. Brian, still skeptical but curious, took the Ouija board and some equipment into the hallway. Supposedly he had several long, confusing conversations with several different entities. All of the entities expressed fear of one called “CZ”, and when Brian asked why they’d be very cryptic about it. Eventually one of the entities told Brian to search room 8, when he asked what he would find, it answered “CZ.”

So Brian goes to room 8, breaks down the door, and finds a whole bunch of scribbling on the wall. The only legible markings are “Making Howlers” and “Chuck Zolner.” Through a mix of Ouija conversations and inquiries at the historical society, Brian discovered that Chuck had killed someone in the hotel in the late 1800s. Chuck died in another state, but supposedly hid the murder weapon in the hotel. As for the making howlers thing, when he mentioned it to the entities he only got fearful responses and no answers.

Another entity he contacted, Beth, claimed to be 19 years old and thought it was still the late 1800s/early 1900s. After some research, Brain discovered a girl named Elizabeth had been run over by a stagecoach in front of the hotel.

On Brian’s last visit to the hotel, he could only get ahold of one entity (one he’d never had contact with) and it kept saying “I’m trying to kill you, etc etc.” Then a really strong, foul odor enter the room, the candle he had with him started burning sideways, and Brian decided it was best to leave.

A couple weeks later, Brian was talking to a supposed psychic and out of nowhere she said “you’ve been getting into things lately, haven’t you? You really need to clean that stuff of you.” She told him some spirit named Elizabeth had attached itself to him.

We tried to gain access to the hotel a couple years ago, but Brian’s friends moved out (meaning we couldn’t get in the building), and the new owner didn’t want us poking around. I really wish I could have checked that place out, just to see what it was all about.

Edit: The place was called The American House Hotel and it’s located in Norwalk, Ohio.

– Posted by mMelatonin; Reddit


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