and he opened his mouth

October 4, 2011

I know people don’t believe in spirits. I myself never did until I lived in this one house.. It was a newer home too so it was odd to me. Perhaps it was just energy left over from a time long ago I don’t know. But my entire family saw stuff. It first started out with noises. The first summer there my sister and I were left alone all day while my parents worked. we were 15 and 10 at the time and one day I heard coughing in my parents room. My sister and I thought it was our father. We thought maybe he was home sick. So all day we kept hearing coughing and finally after about 5 hours I decide to peek in and ask dad if he needed medicine. There was no one in the room. We went in to check the master bathroom and nothing no one was there.

Then a few days later we heard the back shower open.. it was one of those rolling kind that made quite a bit of noise. We heard it open and close and we sat there waiting for my mom or dad to come out of the room. Again nothing they were not home. That summer my cousins visited and they too heard the coughing and shower.

We lived there for 5 years and things got worse and worse over time. Tapping on the walls, My sister and her best friend were having a sleep over and her friend saw someone walk out of my room. She said “hi” to me but it wasn’t me. My cousin saw someone walk out of the bathroom into my sisters room, she thought it was me but I was out front at the time.

My aunt stayed over on a new years eve once. She bitched me and my sister out for walking all over her air bed and waking her up. We did not do that..

My mother was walking down the hall way in the early morning she thought my dad was behind her and asked if he wanted a full or half pot of coffee… when she got out of the hall way she turned to see a man in a plaid shirt that then ran past her.

My sisters friend stopped coming over because she was in my sisters room and a Susan B. Anthony coin my grandpa had given her flew off the shelf and hit the wall leaving a dent in the wall. My sister was walking out the door at the time and thought her friend who threw it. She had been on the top bunk sitting down. Her friend got up and called her mom to leave right away and never came back over.

My best friend stayed over once for a week and she stayed in my room with her evil cat that hated me. I slept on the bottom bunk of my sisters bed. My friend asked why I kept coming in the room to bug the cat. Why I kept knocking on the walls, and why I would lay on the bed only to get up and leave. I did none of this. that cat hated me and would attack me. She said the cat would flip out and hiss and meow like I was in the room.

Then one time I got up to go pee in the middle of the night in our bathroom the way the mirror was.. if you looked over your right shoulder while on the toilet you could see in to the kitchen. I always did this when I left the door open. It was like 3 am so the door was left open and I looked in the mirror. I saw a man standing in the kitchen by the fridge at first I thought it was my dad. Then he turned around like he knew I was looking, and there were no eyes just dark patches and he opened his mouth perhaps to say something I don’t know.. I stopped mid pee and ran back into my room. all the while keeping an eye on the “guy” I never went pee at night again lol

I was so happy when we moved. I have no clue what all that was but so many people witnessed and saw things that it wasn’t just my imagination.

– Posted by planty; Reddit


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