You Go Without Me.

October 3, 2011

I had one of these when I was 12-13. Except no-one was ill.

We were supposed to visit my grandparents for Easter, and this dream was on the Thursday night before Good Friday.

My Pappy (who I adored) picked me up in his 64 mustang, and we drove to a large building (like a very skinny church). I got out of the car, looked back and he said “You go without me”. I walked in, and the hallway inside was lined with my family and friends that had been at my Aunt V’s funeral the year before, all standing with their heads down and their hands folded in front of them. I walked down the hallway to the end, where my Aunt D was waiting behind a large desk. She reached out and put her hand over my hand and said “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything”

I woke up early for me, and wondered about the dream. Told my mom. She said that since I had such a wonderful time at my Aunt V’s funeral (we believe that they are a celebration of the life lived) that it meant I would have a good time at my grandparents.

Right after school started, I was called to the office – It turned out my Pappy had a massive heart attack that morning and had passed away. They called after they took him to the hospital. He was letting me know that it would be okay.

– Posted by cathline; Reddit


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