“I wonder if the power’s out?”

October 3, 2011

Growing up, I used to spend the night at a house that was (in my opinion) haunted. My friend lived there with her family, and they all thought nothing of the sinks turning themselves on and off at night, sporadically. Not a drip mind you, but a fucking full-on sink for 3 seconds and then nothing. It would wake me up every time and scare the shit out of me. Other haunted shit in this house:

  • The tv turned itself on sometimes, and changed channels by itself. One time we laid in the bed upstairs, talking, and the tv turned on and started slowly flipping through different channels of static.
  • My friend’s bedroom was the bonus room, so she had the door to the attic in her ceiling. If we stayed up talking too late, we would hear warped wood start creaking back and forth across the door. SO scary, when you’re all of 14 years old.
  • WORST THING. This was the thing that made me officially stop going over to her house. One time the whole family packed up and went to Sam’s club to go shopping, and as a bored 14 year old I came with them. The mom locked up the house as usual, we shopped for 30 min tops, and came home. When her mom went inside, she tried flipping on the lights. Didn’t work. She said “I wonder if the power’s out?” and tried other lamps. Nothing. After a swift check of the house, it was discovered that all the light bulbs in the house had been moved to the four corners of the living room. I don’t know why, but I remember crying when we discovered them. For some reason it was deeply scary for me.

– Posted by cadmiumred; Reddit


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