Hitchhiker’s in India

October 3, 2011

I’m not much of a religious person and neither do i believe in paranormal. However 2 similar experiences got me started to think. This happened in Chennai, India. I worked in a company just outside the city in a place called Siruseri that was being developed as a special economic zone with lots of corporate offices. This was back in 2009 and there were only one or two companies that had completed offices. There were lots of construction work going on and you can’t see anyone in the road after 8 PM. Once I started from work late at about 10 PM and I was riding my [motorcycle] (http://i.imgur.com/TItlJ.jpg). Just as I exit my campus into the road, there was a man waving his hands asking for a ride. Since there was no public transportation there at that time, I stopped to help. He wanted to get to the nearest bus stop which was around 5 kms away. Since i was going through that route, I didn’t mind and I asked him to hop on. My motorcycle has this small back rest which makes hopping on the back seat a tad bit difficult for anyone. So I made sure he was able to get on the bike before I started. The road was empty and I was riding at about 90 kmph. I was thinking about something and I completely forgot to stop at the bus stop that the man requested for. I was about to enter the toll plaza for the highway and I just remembered that the man needs to get down. I just turned around to say sorry and I was in for a shock since the man was not there. I couldn’t grasp the situation and I pulled over. I thought for a moment and the only possible explanation was that the man could have fallen down somewhere in the road. But then again because of the back rest, it is not easy to get down from the bike and even if the person tries to get off the bike, he couldn’t do it without shaking the bike that’s going at 90 kmph. I once thought for a moment to go back and check the roads. But i freaked out and went straight to home.

I stopped taking in hitch hikers in my motorcycle after that. But as fate would have it, in a road that’s parallel to the road I mentioned previously, a police officer who was standing by the road, waved to stop me. I couldn’t ignore him since he was a cop and I stopped. he asked me for a ride till the Toll plaza. Having a bad experience a couple of months, this time I was double sure to confirm that he got settled in comfortably and i even confirmed it with him. Once I reached the toll plaza, to my horror the cop wasn’t there. Since then I never stop to anyone in that particular stretch of the road.

 – Posted by ashokjan24; Reddit


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