Greys In The Congo

October 3, 2011

I was in Africa (Congo) during the mid 90’s with the U.S. military giving support to the US embassy because Zaire was having a rebellion (it became the republic of Congo). One night I was out by the fence and one of the Marine guards told me in passing they had been watching some weird shit out in the “jungle” area outside our fence line. I borrowed one of their NVGs (Night Vision Goggles) and after looking out there beyond what you could see with the normal light I could see some strange “people” moving around out there. Short, very very skinny with VERY large heads. One looked our way and the “person” had HUGE eyes (with NVGs everything is green but the light is very magnified so the eyes were easy to see because they reflected light different that the rest of the face”. They never got any closer so we couldn’t hear them and since it was outside our fence line we didn’t go see who or what they were. Scared the shit out of me that night.

–  Posted by Razorwire_Dave; Reddit

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