October 3, 2011

When my cousin was about 4 she lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere so she didn’t have other young children to play with, and one morning she was very tired and said she couldn’t sleep because blue wanted to play with her toys all night. My aunty soon figured out that this ‘blue’ must be a imaginary friend. So my aunty told her “If blue asks you to play at night time again, you tell him you need to sleep and will play in the morning” and from what I know blue was never a problem again. Then 4 years later my aunty somehow met a woman who use to live in the same house and they got onto the topic of family, and this lady said that she use to have two younger brothers but one day when the youngest was about 5 he was out on the quad bike with his father and they hit a big bump and the quad flipped over and crushed the poor little boy, whos nickname was blue…

To top it off my aunty told me this just before I was about to sleep in that room. Bitch.

– Posted by 0118-999-881-999-119 ; Reddit


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