and felt he was about to be murdered by some sexual psychopath.

October 3, 2011

My brother had a similar experience, but a little more extreme. He saw a short stocky man who appeared to be a real person. The guy had his back turned towards him for an extended period of time as he basically messed with stuff in his room (including a furry chair). Then he started to mess with his pants and appeared to be masturbating. My brother thought this man was real and felt he was about to be murdered by some sexual psychopath. He mustered up courage jumped out of his bed flipped on the light and yelled “who the fu..” He was gone. No one was there. Quickly he rationalized that he had imagined the entire scenario. Got back in bed and turned out the lights. Laying in bed he thought to himself, “what if he’s still there?” He opened his eyes. Standing there with his back still turned was the short stocky man. Then for the first time he took a step to turn around and walk towards my brother. Immediately my brother jumped up turned on the light ran downstairs where he slept that night. The next morning I saw myself where this man/ghost had rubbed the furry chair and left a mark. and before any of this happened my mother heard someone walk in the house and go upstairs

– Posted by WolfStanssonDDS; Reddit


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