Green Shirt, Dark Denim

September 22, 2011

The doppleganger incident has happened to me with my sibling before too. It is intense just because you’re so sure they walked in and there’s no way they could have.

I was home alone and napping on the couch when I woke up to get some water. I sit back down and doze off. The garage door slams open as per usual and my brother walks by. But the odd thing was my brother didn’t say one word to me, he turned his head and smiled at me with no sort of inflection on his eyebrows. An open eyed, ear to ear, grin. I look at him oddly and just brush it off. I hadn’t seen my brother all day and noticed he’s wearing a green shirt with his dark denim. The smile startled me because we hadn’t been on speaking terms for a few months now. What was that about?

Three hours later my parents get home making this huge racket and I wake up. Ten seconds after my parents my brother walks in. I turn to my mom and say, “He was just home.” My mother dismisses what I said, “I just picked him up from Vicente’s house, he hasn’t been home all day.” And what is my brother wearing? A green shirt and dark denim.

– Posted by antsonmyscreen; Nosleep

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