September 22, 2011

Okay so my house is pretty much the epicenter of the messed up and unnatural. I’ve had things happen to and around me, but most of the stuff that goes on isn’t specifically towards me but my little sister. A lot of times shit happens when I’m around my friends in broad daylight, too.

Like one time, a couple friends and I were sitting in the living room, watching television when a shadow passed over the room. The temperature dropped, and the shadow shrunk until it took on a noticeable form. A shadow in the shape of a coffin, with a vase of flowers on its lid, floated along the walls, slowly making its way all around the room. Once it had completed its circuit, it faded away. Right away the room became bright again. I have never heard of dark shadows taking the shape of inanimate objects or anything, and I doubt it was a “ghost of a coffin”. My friends left immediately.

Later that day, as I played in my bedroom, mom got a call from my grandmother that my uncle had died from some sort of infection brought on by an open wound (he was really into wade-fishing and I think it had something to do with it). The thing was he died around the same time as we were sitting in that living room. I’m not sure if it is the reason for the shadow but it makes sense.

The creepy occurrences did not end there. Once I was waiting for my sister in the dining room and I heard mom calling me from a few rooms over. She sounded far away, her voice muffled. I got up and wandered into the hall.

She called again, louder. I thought she needed me to help her lift something or clean something.

Her voice sounded as if it was coming from her room. I slowly pushed the door open, letting the hall light spill into the darkened area. No one was in there.

Mom called again, this time seeming to come from the closet. Mom has a large walk-in closet, and as I approached I could see the light was on in it. I grabbed the doorknob and opened. “What.” I said as I opened the door.

I heard her call my name again but I stopped cold. The walk-in closet was deserted, empty, no one was there. I backed away a little bit, wide-eyed and searching the entire room for mom. No one was there.

Then, quietly, the voice whispered my name in my ear. I screamed and ran out of the room, down the stairs, and into the family room. Mom was downstairs washing dishes. I started screaming at her that she was calling me upstairs. She freaked out but tried to assure me I’d heard the tv. I didn’t. I live in a two-story condominium and when it’s dark it gets really creepy. One night I was sitting downstairs on the desktop computer, surfing the internet, when my sister told me she was going outside to play manhunt with our neighborhood friends. I said okay, not really caring, and continued to surf. A little while, like 45 minutes, I heard my very squeaky front door opening and the deadbolt and lock snapping and my sister walks in. She walks towards the staircase and I said, “What’re you doing?” She replied,” Going upstairs” and went upstairs. I clearly heard heavy, thumping footfalls recede upstairs and her door opening and closing.

So I sit for about a minute or two, still on the computer, when the front door opens once more. I turn around, confused because my parents were both asleep and Rachael was upstairs. Even so, she’d locked the front door. So naturally I thought a person was trespassing, so I was flipping out. But then my sister walks in and heads towards the staircase. At this asked her if she already went up and why she was going up again. She looked at me as if I were crazy and said,” I haven’t been inside until now”, walking upstairs. To this day it creeps me out because I saw the image of my sister walking upstairs before it happened. Whether it was a ghost or some doppelganger is indeterminable to me, but it certainly is weird. Needless to say I chased her upstairs and checked her room and my room, and every room for that matter, but there was no one else up there.

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  1. My sister was visiting my other sister several years ago and had a very eerie experience. The guest room where my sister was staying is at the end of the narrow hall. My other sister’s and her husband’s room is to the left at the end of the hall as you approach the guest room straight ahead.
    One morning after my visiting sister had awakened and was sitting up in the bed (she had opened the door to the hall), she saw our other sister walking down the hall in her bathrobe and she had a towel wrapped turban style around her head as she always does after she showers.My visiting sister called out her name and the person turned and looked at her (also, her face didn’t really look clear), but didn’t saying anything and then turned and walked into the kitchen at the other end of the hall.
    My visiting sister then went to see what was up and noticed she heard our sister and brother-in-law talking in their room. She knocked on the door and they said “come in.” The were both sitting up in bed watching TV and neither of them had been out of the room yet. My sister told her that she saw her in the hall, but that sister said she had not been out of bed and had certainly not yet taken a shower.
    It sort of spooks me just thinking about it.

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