somewhere along the road, night became daylight, like a light switch was turned on.

September 5, 2011

when i was a kid (around 1980) we were driving back from a weekend of boating at lake berryessa. we had come out of the windy road part and were driving through napa on the way back home at night. i mention it because you can totally see the stars out there, no city lights. somewhere along the rd, night became daylight, like a light switch was turned on. my dad pulled over just as you would when cop pulls you over and then we all got out of the car and stood alongside the road. above us was a very large round object with lights on it. it blocked out the entire night sky. there was no way of telling the size or how high up it was, but it blocked all the stars above a 30 degree angle or so.. it hovered there for about 30 seconds, made no sound, no air disturbance, but rotated very slowly.

in an instant it went from blocking the night sky to being the size of a quarter up and to the right for a split second, then it shot off like a shooting star in reverse, literally scratching the night sky.

our gaze went from looking up, to looking at each other, and then beyond each other to notice that more cars had pulled over staggered out in front and behind us. they were also standing outside their cars. at that moment, we got scared. not before, not during, but only when you saw that other people witnessed what we had just seen.

everyone gets in their car and drives off. my dad tells us not to talk about it, people won’t believe you, best to just forget it happened.

anyways, i’m not into ufo’s and if you told me the same story, i’d be a skeptic.

the coolest part, it’s possible to move like that.

no shit

– Posted by llamasonic; Reddit

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