September 5, 2011

Background: me (wishful science/spirituality synthesizer) and an overtly Christian dude talking with his friend, who would probably be more agnostic than atheist, simply undecided.

So we were having a late-night talk about life’s big questions and weird stuff and eventually agnostic guy gets us onto the subject of demons. Christian dude is adamant in their existence, I simply say that it seems likely to me that there are forces operating in the background of our reality with their own intent which people have given names like angel or demon to. He says well, maybe, but how can you be so sure they exist?

A buzzing and whirring emanates from the closet. We simply freeze and stare until the mechanical sounds stop before sliding back the door. In it, an unplugged printer sits atop a pile of junk with one piece of paper printed out. We turn the page and all that is there is one ASCII heart.


In any case, we were all much more sure of something beyond conventional explanation after that.

Accusations were tossed around initially, but I mean, it’s pretty simple to see if something has power or not. Also, to somehow rig a system that could execute this feat – in 2000, when we’re all like 15 – was way beyond any of our abilities.

Since then, I’ve noticed that Christian dude has a lot of this type of weirdness surrounding him anyway and I’ve begun to suspect (especially since these anomalies are of such a benign nature) that HE is actually the unintentional culprit.

Some people just draw the weirdness to them, I just think it sucks he sees it as demonic when it could mean he has some abilities he could develop. Then again, maybe his own mind’s sturdy belief in demons actually instigates the events.

– Posted by Irielle; Reddit


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