Trolling A Ghost

August 20, 2011

So I’ve been a lurker on r/nosleep for a while, and I genuinely love the tales that are told on here mainly because, (wait for it…) I live in a haunted house!

I had an experience about 20 minutes ago that I found so funny, figured you guys would appreciate it.

Bit of background first: I have no clue why my parents stay in this house except for financial reasons. We don’t know much on the house’s history except that there were two boys that died in my old room upstairs (and currently stay downstairs in the guest bedroom for several reasons including that). We don’t know much on how they died, we just know that one was quite young (~10) and the other was almost my age (I’m 22). Also, I’m in the middle of moving, so I get to spend two months at my house while I get stuff settled with my lease.

Now, I’ve had a LOT of bad experiences here. There was a time not too long ago where I just simply could not sit through a scary movie for fear of it becoming my reality that was already peppered with freaky stuff. I could not stand to stay in my room, much less have people over, and relied heavily on sleeping pills to get through high school so that I wouldn’t wake up to sounds or inside closets with the ghosts (I’ll make another post about all the bad stuff, if people so wish…)

Anyway. Recently, I met up with this old lady who also had lived in a haunted house and, after exchanging stories, told me that I need to suck it up and take back my house. Me, especially, since I was the main target of the boys… my siblings are all grown up and in places of their own, and my parents don’t have experiences near as intimate as I do.

I have to go to work soon so I’ll make this quick: I no longer fear the footsteps or shadows as much as I used to; confrontation seems to freak the boys out. In fact, when I hear them coming at me, I wait until I feel the floorboards creak underneath, jump up and down and scream “GOTCHA”…and they usually take off away from me twice as fast. I believe that’s the young one. The older one is more… of an attacker. He shows himself quite often, and I can usually tell by one of my cats starting to freak out that I’ll see/hear something soon.

As I was taking my shower, I hear my cat hiss and run away from outside the door, so I listened. Sure enough, about 30 seconds later, I hear slow, heavy footsteps start down the hall and stop outside the bathroom. I say to myself, “oh shit, please no…” but sure enough, the lights inside the bathroom flicker and I knew he was in there with me. It’s a weird feeling to have warm water running down you and still have your hair stand on end, the air felt absolutely electric. I swallowed my pride and fear, something that has been very hard to practice, and say out loud “What a pervert, are you trying to watch me shower again?” I hear nothing. About 5 minutes later, I’m almost ready to rinse my hair when I hear a low …I don’t know what else to call it other than a moan. It was not human and I’ve never heard him do anything like this before. What’s worse is that it was right on the other side of the shower curtain, and I’m home alone. Thank god I was in the tub, cuz I’m pretty sure I pissed myself. I stand in the water for a second, wondering what to do, when without thinking, I opened my mouth and moaned back. Inside my head I was screaming “holy fucking shit, what the fuck is wrong with me,” and started shaking. The “moan” gets lower and changes position to the back of the shower curtain. I moan back again. The toilet flushes randomly, I jump out of the burning hot water to the back of the tub, open the back of the curtain and look out.

My heart is still going a mile a minute. In the foggy mirror, I saw a reflection of a black outline in front of the white shower curtain, where I was standing just a minute ago.

I close the curtain, start crying silently, but then remember “take back your house!” So, I decided that if I was going to die by fright, it might as well be a little funny. I say as loud as I can “Well, are you going to come in with me or just stand outside like a peeping Tom?” I peeked outside of the back of the curtain again, the shadow wavered. “WELL C’MON, don’t keep a girl waitin’!”

I swear on my life, I heard “what the fuck…” as the shadow melted into the doorway from the mirror’s point of view, and heard footsteps run down the hallway away from the bathroom.

– Posted by Hauntedcat; Nosleep


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  1. Tell us more of your stories please.

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