The Blank Man

August 15, 2011

From when I was about 4 til’ about 6 I used to see the shadow of a man in a trench coat and hat in my parent’s doorway (my room was adjacent to theirs). From about 6 years to 8 I would constantly wake up at about 1 in the morning and hear footsteps in and sometimes even outside of the house. What I heard and saw seem to have been a more subtle, less antagonizing version of your experiences. The ‘blank man’ as I guess he might be called was cast in less light and further away from me than he would’ve been to you, so I never felt threatened by him, I never felt the need to be. The footsteps did freak me out though. They were sort of muffled in my case, not dull thuds like you described. We moved when I was 12 but anything seemingly unnatural had long since ceased. Although I only stopped seeing the man in the doorway because I’d rearranged my bed so I couldn’t see my parents doorway and I’d eventually stopped waking up as much as I had before so I had no way of paying vigil to the dude walking around my house.

– Posted by EdmundRice; Nosleep

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