The Face of AIDs

August 6, 2011

I haven’t seen ghosts, but I’ve heard warnings. Once with my first husband, we were…getting intimate, and I heard a voice like someone actually in the room with us, say “You are looking at the face of AIDs.” Very clearly. I don’t need to tell you the end of THAT story…thank God for meds is all.

Also someone told me “Jen’s pregnant” (Jen being my sister) right as she got a positive test about 40 miles away. I knew the baby wouldn’t be healthy or there wouldn’t need to be anyone telling me that. Her son has neurofibromatosis.

Also, I had a really strange dream about an aunt the night she died in a car accident, and for a while there I could tell you when someone famous was going to die within 48 hours or so. That stopped several years ago.

– Posted by Ni!; Fark


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