“I was haunted, not the house”

August 6, 2011

Hey fellow nosleep-ers, just thought I would share some experiences here that I’ve had throughout my life- I never talk about it, and figured this would be a good place to vent since y’all enjoy creepy stories 🙂 Some experiences were just plain creepy, others life-changing, but here goes nothing (this is going to be pretty long, if you make it all the way to the end, thanks for reading!).

Ever since I was a young child my mother would tell me that my psychic “door” was “half-open,” meaning that I always had this intuitive sense of things going on around me that many other people could not feel/pick up on. As an adult this is a pretty cool talent to have, but when I was a kid I didn’t know how to use it and I was very vulnerable. My mom still tells me to this day that I’m “haunted” and always have been, it won’t matter where I go. This all started when I was about 8 years old, moving into my family’s new house in Southeast Texas. This house was very creepy- the guy who created the floorplan must have had some weird sense of humor. The downstairs portion of the house was fairly open and there were no doors between rooms, because all the bedrooms were upstairs. The stairs were in the very middle of the house, and it was really more like a stairWELL in the middle of a house. The upstairs portion was just one long winding hallway, completely claustrophobia-inducing, with bedrooms leading off of it (obviously).

My bedroom was at the very end of the hallway. I remember being a little kid, about to go into the 3rd grade, and the first day I stepped foot in the house I had a feeling of uneasiness. No big deal, I was used to my tiny old house, this new place was just unfamiliar to me. Well, the first time I ever went into my bedroom I just remember noticing that I had 2 closets in my room, being very puzzled, and very much NOT wanting to turn my back to the 2 doors. Walking down my stairs that first day, I was overwhelmed with a sense of dread and wanting desperately to look behind me, because I knew something was watching or following me. I thought it came from my closets. Being the little kid that I was and still being a Christian, I imagined the light of Jesus protecting me and ran down the stairs and outside as fast as I could.

For the next few years the situation stayed pretty much the same- just a general feeling of being watched anytime I let my guard down- falling asleep, taking a shower, blow-drying hair, etc. Things really started happening out of nowhere when I was in 8th-9th grade. My mother was recently divorced and would go out on dates multiple nights a week, leaving me to watch my little brother (5 years younger than me) sometimes all night long. He was a little shit back then and would always mess with me. One night I was watching TV and he came up behind me, pinching me on the shoulder. I brushed him off and ignored it until he started pinching me on my side, at which point I turned and yelled “RYAN, CUT IT OUT!” only to see him walking out of the kitchen… all the way across the room. My initial thought was “AW HELL NO,” lol, etc., but these things don’t easily leave your mind when you’re laying in bed looking for sleep.

Things got worse. Items were moved around the kitchen, no one could wash dishes at the kitchen sink without feeling some heavy presence directly behind them, phones would ring, doors would open or close. Now, to folks reading who haven’t had a “haunting” experience themselves, the worst part is the trickiness of it all. I had a loft bunkbed (desk on bottom, bed on top) and would turn off my light by reaching through the railings of my bed and pulling the chain to my ceiling fan. Almost every night while I was in bed with the light on (it comforted me to sleep with the light on), sometimes multiple times a night, my light would turn off, independent of the chain and light-switch. This would cause me to have to get up out of bed, walk across my room to the light-switch in the darkness, and turn the switch to “off” then back to “on” to turn the light on again. The whole time I could feel this “thing” in my room watching it all happen. That was the worst part- knowing that this thing had enough consciousness to anticipate a specific reaction from me. It truly frightened me.

Things went from frightening to terrifying pretty quickly. I was home alone on a bright, beautiful day, listening to loud music and cleaning my room (loud music was the only thing that would keep me from being paranoid of every small sound I heard throughout the house). Keep in mind that at this point I’ve been completely stressed out for months due to all this stuff going on. Being scared all the time is really exhausting. So anyway, I’m heading down my rat-maze hallway with a bag of trash and pass by my mom’s bedroom. She had a large vanity mirror on the wall opposite to her door, facing the hallway. Every time I passed it I made it a point to look directly into the mirror, because if I didn’t I would see myself out of the corner of my eye and get one of those jumpy scares (like I said I was truly paranoid 24/7 at this point). So I look into the mirror, and instead of the seeing the white wall behind me I see a blackness. Within a millisecond I’m turned around and directly in front of my face is a black figure, from floor to ceiling. It looked completely empty, like the sky in between stars. It looked like nothing. The worst part was the feeling that it gave me- I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I didn’t feel like a human at all. I didn’t know what it was to be alive or dead. All within one second- then came the feeling of terror. That’s the only time I will use that word in this post, because that is what it was. True terror. I have never again felt fear that pure. I ran outside as fast as I could, stopped at the end of my front yard and literally vomited. I called my mom screaming and crying and she came home from work early. From that day on I was never alone in the house again, not even alone in a room. I was 15 years old and slept with my mother on the couch downstairs.

After that incident I started waking up with scratches on the fronts and backs of my legs. I stopped eating and would sleep walk throughout the house, often waking up in one of my bedroom closets. After the scratches turned into carvings of “Fuck” and “cunt” on my legs, we moved to a new house.

In the new house things were relatively normal- I could definitely still feel when there was a presence in the room, but it was nothing similar to the pure evil that lived in that fucked up house across town. One night, after driving by my old house, I had one of those sleep-paralysis dreams in which I was being possessed. It was really vivid and totally meta- in my dream I woke up from a dream in which I was being possessed, only to find out that it was real. There was something sitting on my chest and I couldn’t breath. I wanted to cry for my step dad to come help me. I knew he was just on the other side of my bedroom door, but I couldn’t draw in breath to scream. I was being dragged upon my ceiling and raped. I wanted to kill myself. I was falling from the bell tower of this church in a river of blood, I could even smell and taste it. I have never wanted to die so badly. All of this was happening in my head, while I could still see my bedroom around me. When I finally woke up I was convinced that it was real, my mom came upstairs because I was screaming and I didn’t believe that she was really my mom. I locked myself in the bathroom, afraid that I was still in this alternate dream-world in which I could actually be possessed and sent to hell. I started automatic writing and was sent to the psychiatric ward for evaluation for a few days.

My point is that this stuff can really fuck up a person’s life. I love creepy/horror stories and anecdotes as much as the next nosleep-er, even still! But my experiences will stay with me for the rest of my life. It caused me to literally go crazy for a while. I realized that the scariest thing in the world isn’t some negative energy in your house, it’s letting it get a hold of you so tightly that you don’t even know what’s real anymore. I tried to cut my wrists twice because I was being sucked into this world of the dead- or maybe things that were never alive in the first place. People think ghost-stories are cool, but some of them are truly dreadful. Thanks for reading.

– Posted by GoodbyeMethod; Nosleep

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  1. Man, i have never that anything like that happen to me, I am a christian also and I will ask in the name of Jesus that this all is rebuked, I will pray for you, remember Satan is the poser, God is the creator, satan just tries and mimics what he does, Satan has no power over your life, say to the things that bother you “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus” and it will stop, have faith friend

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