August 2, 2011

Remember: the “experts” on the supernatural insist that dogs and children have an innate ability to sense ghosts…why, don’t know…but they say so.

We’d just moved into our house a couple weeks prior and I was tucking my 2-year-old into bed (laying down with her). While I was talking to her, my dog comes into the room and starts growling, hackles raised. I sit up and look at the dog: she’s staring at a far corner of the room, where the walls meet the ceiling, and she’s PISSED about something.

Then, my 2-year-old sits up, points at the same spot and makes a “Ooooooo!” sound, not of fear, but like “Cool!”. Then, both track “whatever” across the wall and then…nothing. Like they could see a laser pointer that I couldn’t. My daughter laid back down, and the dog left the room.

I’m an atheist with a subscription to the Skeptical Inquirer…but I’ll tell ya, that gave me the willies.

– Posted by Usurper4; Fark

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