July 31, 2011

Feel free to mock me, but this really happened about a month ago. I always wanted to believe in spirits/afterlife, that kind of thing, but logically I just couldn’t. After this happened, I changed my mind.

Back story, I met the hub through mutual friends, said mutual friends grew up with him and are now married. The guy, Jason, has lived in the same house since he was little, he and his wife bought it from his mother when they got married. Long history of issues with the house, they even had a preacher come in and bless it. Since the two of them have moved in, there have been a few weird things, but nothing major.

So a few weeks ago we went down there to see them, and spent the night. After it got late and everyone else was in bed, I wanted my PJs, so I went outside to get them from the car. Walking across the deck, I felt something push me from behind, and I fell down the steps. They have a huge boxer who’s really bad about jumping, so I thought it was him.

Then I looked up and saw this bright white light, a circle. I thought I’d hit my head or something. so I stood up, and it was still there, about head high, sort of pulsating. I turned around to go back to the house, then I turned back, still there. like it was watching me. Finally I said “I’m sorry if you’re mad, but this isn’t your house anymore. the people who live here are really nice and will take care of it, but you need to leave.” and it got brighter for a second, then slowly faded away.
There were no lights on, nobody lives near there, no headlights, etc. it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. I kind of feel bad now, because I’m not sure that what pushed me and the light were the same thing. I wasn’t afraid of the light at all.

The next morning the hub and I got up, and he took me to the doctor. Broken wrist. When I explained to him what happened, and later when I explained it to my friends who own the house, turns out at some point, all of them had seen the light I described. My husband and the other guy had seen it in the house when they were teenagers, and the wife had seen it in the back field, a couple of weeks earlier.

oh, and same house, a few months before, the hub and i spent the night. usually we sleep on the couch, but for some reason we were in their spare room. I had horrible, very vivid nightmares about being raped the whole night. when i woke up at six, i just got up and went downstairs and cleaned up, i was too freaked out to go back to sleep.

when i told my friends why i was up so early, the guy went pale. apparently his high school girlfriend had spent the night in the room years before and had the same dreams, and would never go back in that room.

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