You Saw Her Too?

July 30, 2011

Ok, one from my mom, and I know the house and vaguely knew the old lady. My mom knows the story because she has met the owners at church functions and has live herself in the area for 40+ years…

Little Old Stella lived alone in the same small town Ontario farmhouse for well over 50 years. After she died (may or not have been in the house), the house sat dormant for a little while before being bought by complete ‘out-of-towners’.

Now, one of the out-of-towner’s friends came to stay over, one who knew nothing about the house.

While the friend was folding laundry, she looked up to see an old lady totter by in the hallway. The friend was apparently surprised but didn’t pursue just then. When she went downstairs she asked the owners “Who is the old lady? A friend?”. The owner apparently exclaimed “You saw her too?!?”. It was at this point the owner decided to take an interest as to the previous owners, and that is when the new owners found out about old Stella (yes, she had a last name but I am not putting it here on the Intratubes). The owner had seen Stella sitting in a rocking chair– as Stella had been handy with the knittiing and crochet hooks.

I love to know the ‘science’ behind this. The friend had no reason, inclination or prior suggestion to know who the previous owner was. Yet, out of the blue, was induced to see ‘something’, a ‘something’ someone else had also seen but had told no-one else about.

I am a heavy skeptic, but I can not come up with any rational explanation for these sorts of things (not a ‘sleep paralysis’ issue). These are the sorts of incidents that interest me. I am also stymied by ‘visitations’ by close relatives who have actually died but that knowledge is unknown to the visitee — especially in cases where it was totally an unexpected death. Thinking you are seeing your granny in a vision when you know she is on her death-bed could be written off as a hallucination/active wish fulfillment.

But, when someone sees a father, mom, brother or sister in a doorway when they look-up from doing dishes and say “Hey, I didn’t know you were dropping by!”, then look away for a second (to turn off the water), then look again and the relative has disappeared, then the phone rings to tell you they are dead, THAT is what leaves my mind open to some things.

– Posted by ObscureNameHere; Fark


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