The Statue Of The Boy And His Dog

July 30, 2011

I’ve only told my wife this story, but now am telling all y’all.

About a year ago, I was walking my two dogs in the park across the river. The park has a nice dirt path that runs right along the river’s edge. About an 1/8th of a mile in, there is a statue that’s quite beautiful.

It’s copper, about 5 feet tall, and depicts a young boy “pouring water” down a rock (it’s got a fountain in it) into a small puddle for a dog to drink from. The intent is, YOUR dog can share the water in the puddle with the dog that’s part of the sculpture.

It needs cleaning, and it’s fountain clogged up long ago, but I still really enjoy it.

Anyways, two Septembers ago I was walking through the park, looking up ahead on the path towards the front gate.

In the bushes, I saw something.

It looked like a figure, but it was more of a shadow. It appeared to be looking at me… it was odd. Like a mind trick.

Suddenly, my dog Sadie saw it. She jerked and then looked like she jumped right out of her skin. The hair on her back stood straight up, and she started growling and barking nervously, which is really unlike her (American bulldogs aren’t a breed that barks much.) She was pulling me, then stopping, then pulling me, then stopping, all the while barking like mad.

The shadow just stood there, kind of rocking back and fourth. The closer we got, the more it started to fade. However the more it faded, the more my dog went ballistic. By the time we got to the bushes, it was completely gone, and my dog looked totally confused.

What happened next sounds like a cliche, but is 100% true. As I walked past the spot where we saw the shadow, I felt extremely cold, just for a few steps, like something had passed right through me.

From then on, my dog was fine. She went from being nervous and unmanageable to completely calm.

About 6 months later, while walking through the parking lot connected to the park, Sadie suddenly went ape shiat, almost instantaneously, barking like mad at nothing–there was nothing there, nothing around, no sound, NOTHING. There weren’t even any cars parked there.

And then, just as suddenly, she stopped barking and acted like nothing happened.

What’s the most odd is my other dog ,Cocoa, had no reaction either time.

OK, so as you sit there reading this, rolling your eyes, get this: I JUST found this out 10 minutes ago. Apparently, the sculpture is a tribute to a boy who drowned WITH HIS DOG right there in the river.

The city of Westbrook is now looking into relocating the sculpture and restoring it.

I have fears that this will unleash the fury of the dead! 😉

– Posted by Mordicai Sulk; Fark

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