Shoot Them Both

July 30, 2011

I’m fairly certain no one will read this, but I got one that has a ton of odd happenings.

When we moved to an old farm house in northern Michigan, no one would really talk to us. We attributed it to being outsiders, because it was such a small town (graduated with 39 other kids).

We bought the house from an estate sale, got it dirt cheap. No one else even looked at it. We were told that there were a couple deaths in the house, but that was it.

So I start school (5th grade) and kids are all creeped out by me. Start teasing about how I was gonna kill my family. Turns out, the people that died there were murdered by their eldest son, John (my first name). The parents name were David and Eliza Douglas, my parents were David and Elizabeth Douglas. Weird.

So, eventually friends would come over to stay the night, but seldomly would stay more than one. It never failed that when people were over, something freaky would happen.

My bedroom just happened to be the one the kid shot the father in, and right outside my window was the porch, where he shot the fleeing mother.

One night (the worst “occurance”) a friend was sleeping over. Normally my friends and I would both crash out on the floor in front of the TV. Well, it was about 2am and we both sat right up from our sleep and he looked at me and in a low voice said “shoot him, shoot him, he doesnt deserve to live. The gun is in the closet.” I remember not having control of myself, almost like I wasnt me, and telling him that I would “shoot them both”. Right after I said that, we both came out of it, and just kind of looked at each other like WTF just happened.

So, months later we are talking about it to another friend who gets really creeped out and go grabs a newspaper from their closet. (His dad was the guy that arrested the murderer son and kept the newspaper clipping of it). So he shows us the paper and it says something to the effect of “Deputies responded to a shooting just after 2am on such and such date”

So.. at 2am, something like the 4 yr anniversary of the shooting that happened.

What is even worse about it, was I had a 4-10 shotgun in my closet that he didnt know about, because it was packed away behind some clothes. (we didnt have a gun cabinet yet, and had no more room on the rack we had in the den.

So ya… I was thinking that house wanted my parents dead, just like the last ones. Very weird indeed.

– Posted by Karate Explosion; Fark


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