Ghost Car

July 30, 2011

Well back and the day, and from time to time when im back home me and some friends enjoy a good ghost hunt. Nearby my house is Cuba Rd. in Northern IL which is pretty notorious among ghost hunters nationwide. Here are a couple of stories from late night drives down the road.

The first would be the phantom car… when I first saw this it was after a… misunderstanding with my parents. I had just turned 16 so i hopped into my brothers little Saturn and took off for a drive to cool down. I cruising down Cuba Rd. doing my best to not slam into any deer, as a crest a hill I notice what appears to be headlights coming up at me…. in my lane. I hit the brakes and quickly back into the driveway for a subdivision I had passed about 10 feet earlier. As this car, which I can best describe as a black 1970s mafia sedan comes up, and gets in the center of my headlights… it simply vanishes. Cue me pulling out a little and looking both ways only to find no trace of any other vehicles in either direction. So, I run back and tell a couple of my friends who are into ghosts the next day, only to have none of them believe me.

Fast forward to about a year ago… me and three buddies are going down Cuba Rd as a shortcut to a house party… keep in mind we had not started drinking yet. We are about a mile away from the railroad tracks that the road crosses over, and noticed a car a bit ahead of us which we has not seen before. I crack a joke about it being the ghost car… my buddy speeds up to catch it. We get to about 25 feet behind it as it goes to cross the tracks, we can’t see any shape of a driver or anything. The car then makes a near perfect 90 degree turn onto the railroad tracks and is gone.

– Posted by MTFD528; Fark

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