A Person But Wrong

July 30, 2011

I apparently seem to attract spirits. Strangely, they seem to be “stalking” me, and *other people* see the things following me more often than I see them myself.

I’ve had a number of “I thought I saw”s and “It could have been a dream”s, and just really weird, “this place isn’t right” feelings like most people, and even people telling me of their “I thought I just saw something following you…” and what not. But the one that I’m 100% sure of went thusly:

At the end of the night, we were dropping this one friend off at his apartment building (It was really four towers surrounding a courtyard-kinda-place), and we ended up hanging out for a while, a couple of us sitting on the hood, the others standing around, etc. So I decide that I’m thirsty, and I’m going to go walk the bank of vending machines which while a good 25-30 feet away was still perfectly in the line of sight of the spot where we were. So I’m walking, and suddenly I get this extremely intense feeling of being watched — being watched the way you see lions staring at zebras — I had the distinct impression that I was prey, and that whatever was watching was just .. well … evil. I stop in midstep and hesitate, suddenly very, very scared, heart pounding — and turn my head to look over my shoulder and a bit too the side where there’s a big decorative hedge. I don’t see anything at all. Not a thing. No shadows for ghosties to hide in, no thing. So I shake it off, chastise myself for being stupid, get my soda, and head back for the car.

It’s silent at the car. Four other people are staring slackjawed at me. I begin to get creeped out again. “What is it?” I say. After a moment, this guy clears his throat and says “Ah, there was something … over by the hedge … something … ah … I don’t know what it was, but as you turned and looked *exactly where it was* it fell back into shadows.” The others are nodding agreement, babbling excitedly now, some chipping in with “Looked like a person, but *wrong* … skin was dark bue/gray … horrible eyes…moved *wrong*”

“.. what do you mean fell back?” I asked. I hadn’t seen any shadows at all for anything to hide in. The “The way you see in stupid movies. Like he just took one intentional step back to avoid being seen by you, and was just gone.”

Freaky. As. Hell. They kept using the word “Wrong” to describe it … it moved “sort of like a human, but WRONG” which is exactly the way I had felt when this thing was looking at me. Like the word W R O N G was written in big blazing red letters inside my head.

Now, I wasn’t asleep. I wasn’t high, wasn’t drunk.



– Posted by Mana ; Fark


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