Walked Through Walls

July 29, 2011

True story

As an undergrad, I spent a summer at Gonville and Caius College, at Cambridge University in England. This college was founded in 1347!

My dorm room at the college was on the second story (or 3rd floor for you Yanks). During the latter part of June in the summer of 2000, everyone in my study group excepting myself and another student (who stayed in another dorm room across the college) went to Scotland for a scheduled excursion.

Alone in the dorm room, I was awoken one night by the sound of walking footsteps that, Doppler-like, sounded far away from the floor above my room…like the sound of someone walking down a long tiled corridor.

The footsteps continued until they were directly over my room…paused…and then continued walking away.

The next morning I asked the College Porter if someone occasionally walked the hallways on floor 3 (4th story of the building for you Yanks)…and he said matter-of-factly “Of course not!”

Then he explained:

He confirmed that not only was I the only occupant in my wing of the dorm, but also told me that the 3rd floor above my room used to have a hallway, but in the 1950’s, contractors cordoned off the hallway and sectioned it into separate rooms.

Then he chuckled, that it was physically impossible for someone to walk from one end of the third floor to the other…unless they were walking through walls…

/True story. I experienced it.

– Posted by Macrophallus; Fark

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