Farrokh Bulsara

July 29, 2011
When we were in the 9th grade, my friends and I (pathetic wimps, all of us) finally got up the courage the have a seance. It was a Friday night in about May of 1992. Freddie Mercury had died the previous November, so we decided to try to contact the spirit of the recently departed Queen frontman.

3 times, we tried to contact the spirit of “Freddie Mercury” to no avail, until yours truly, a Queen fanatic, asked for the spirit of Farrokh Bulsara
(Freddie’s real name). At that moment, the 10 candles we had burning in a circle in front of us all changes. They were burning straight up initially but after I spoke the 10 flames all started to burn sideways, and they all pointed at me for a good minute. It was very weird.

Years later we tried the same thing during a late night drinking binge, and while our efforts to contact John Bonham were unsuccessful, at least two of the people present nearly choked on their own vomit.

 – Posted by northernpike; Fark


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