July 29, 2011

Three for the price of one

1) I work graveyard security for a large entertainment complex occasionally. One night I was driving my little golf cart near the edge of the fence close to the intersection at the edge of the park. I looked over and see a stocky Hispanic man walking on the sidewalk next to the fence. Thinking it was a construction worker, I looked away for a second and turn back — the man had vanished. I drove over there looking for him him. I called my manager and gave her a description, detailed down to how long his hair was and how far up his socks were pulled on his legs. I didn’t find him.
That’s when she told me that several years prior, at the intersection a few yards away four Hispanic males were killed in a car accident.

2) about two years ago, I was guarding a 4 story office building that had been up to a few months prior filled with Animators and film directors who had been laid off. When I guarded the building before, I was not able to visit a few offices because they were “off limits” to the lowly people who worked there. I also heard there was a resident ghost named Bridgette. Bridgette musta loved her job, she apparently died in a car accident on the way home one night.
So, the building was vacant except for a few offices and the vacant offices were filled with left over drawings and paper and a few pieces of office furniture.
I walked through all of the 1st floor offices and shifted through the crap left on the desk. After I finished the 1st floor, I walked up to the second floor where the “off limits” production suite used to be located and I immediately got a sense that I had no right to be there. I thought this was silly since the building was mostly vacant. I walked into what used to be the directors office, flipped on the light and walked to the desk located to the far end of the room. I was looking through the left over paper, when I felt something warm and clammy grab my left elbow from behind. My immediate thought was “how the heck did a Florida tree frog get in here?” I went to brush the “frog” away and there was nothing there. I immediately apologized to Bridgette for being in an off limits space and stayed in the lobby for the rest of the night. I didn’t finish my “rounds” . I figured Bridgette was keeping the building very safe without my help.

3) an extra one — a friend of my mine worked custodial and her first week cleaning a public restroom at night after everyone left, she had a strange situation. She was in the restroom alone when one by one all of the stall doors banged open as if someone was looking for something. She immediately requested a different area to clean.
A while later, I was relating the tale of the bathroom to a manager and she told me that years ago, a husband of one of the workers walked into the bathroom with two shotguns, looking for his estranged wife who was suppose to be working there. Later that night, the man died in front the same bathroom when the police swat team took him out. Years later, I guess he’s still looking for his wife.

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