Why Aren’t You Watching Him?

July 28, 2011

I was looking after a pediatric patient who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. One night, he was especially restless and irritable and could not be consoled. I was worried that his intracranial pressure was rising, and had the resident at the bedside with me for pretty much the entire shift. The charge nurse relieved me for my break and told me to go lay down for a short nap (it was OK for night nurses to nap in this facility). As I gathered some blankets and stretched out on the cot, I heard a voice say “why aren’t you watching him?”. I jumped off the cot and ran into the patients room just in time to see his HR drop into the 40s. The nurse relieving me had stepped out of the room to answer a call bell. Needless to say, I refused to leave his side, had the resident move into the room with me, and he went for a VP shunt first thing the next morning.

– Posted by RNAnnjeh; Allnurses


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