The Man Sitting In The Chair In The Corner

July 28, 2011

OK this totally creeped me out. I worked at a small privately owned nursing home. Alot of the patients had been there a long time. Naturally I was silly enough to take the night shift for two weeks right out of school to cover the night nurse who was ill. This place had these old hallway lights that you had to stick a paper clip in this slot on the wall to turn them on and off (real safe right). There was one at each end of the main hallway. I carried the paper clip on my keyring. So there I am one night, I come in at 11 take report, set up supplies etc. I shut out the lights. The only light is from the lamp on my desk and the eerily red exit sign that cast this red wash all over the walls…reminding me of that scene in Halloween II where Laurie Strode is trying to escape from Myers in the hospital <chills>. Anyway I’m standing at the med cart stocking med cups and I feel a whoosh of air. Its winter and no widows are open. I hear a rustling sound and think that its the resident in #3 who is restless sometimes at night. His room is about 6 feet from the med cart. Now, being the brave nurse I am lol I decide to check to make sure he’s not trying to get out of bed. I go over to his room and find that he’s sound asleep. I do a bed check and everyone is sleeping and accounted for. The CNA is in the tv room doing flow sheets. I continue on with stocking. A little while later I hear the noise again and this time see a figure out of my peripheral vision(they say spirits present themselves in your peripheral vision) pass by me into room 3. This time I’m not so brave. I take the CNA in with me who now thinks I’m nuts. We creep into the room and find the patient sitting up in bed having a conversation with someone who isn’t in the room. When I ask him who he is talking to he tells me the man who is sitting in the chair in the corner. Naturally theres no one in the chair. The aide and I settle him down and leave the room. At report the next morning I’m telling the nurse about what happened, Before I could say who they pt was talking to she said “the man sitting in the chair in the corner right?” Creepy! Later I had talked to the usual night nurse who said it happened all the time when she was on. More than one patient had the same experience. I never did get the name of the mysterious man in the corner. In any case that was the end of my night shift stint.
P.S. Those stupid lights inthe hall used to flicker on and off all the time. Maybe it was the man in the corner..or just old electrical wiring lol
PPS..ever get locked in a basement supply closet when you are the only one with the key? yikes!

– Posted by Nurset1981; Allnurses

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