July 28, 2011

a little late for the party, but we’re pretty sure my father’s house is haunted…

since about 6 mos after my father moved in, we’ve heard a mother speaking to a child in a very small room on the top floor (a couple years later, my step-mom had her first child, and they used the room for a nursery). The window was always closed in the room, and the closest houses have elderly people living in them — no children visiting when we asked them about it. (only 2 houses in that general direction for more than a mile). Bonus: The voices sound like my stepmom and her second son (born 5 years after this started happening)

We invited our priest over for dinner, but he left when he heard the voices, refusing to come back.

Among other experiences, we’ve had knives “fall” out of a vertical knife block, and onto the floor (a foot and a half away), we’ve had a bunch of other stuff fall in the kitchen…

Two specific experiences: My dad’s stepmother died last year, the week before she did, a secondary fire alarm system in the house went off — We have never heard it go off before, we assumed that it didn’t work because even when there is a small fire going in the kitchen it doesn’t go off). It plugs in, so it wasn’t a battery, and it hasn’t gone off since.

On the day that she died, most of the pictures on the (15 foot high) shelf that surrounds the living room fell over. Each picture frame’s glass shattered, even the ones that stayed on the shelf.

The only one that didn’t fall or break was the one with my grandfather and his first wife.

Other stuff has happened, but most of it can be possibly attributed to cats, dogs, birds, or the house settling.

Actually, one more story (sorry, just woke up, and an hour late for work already… stupid fark). My room when I lived with my dad later became my sister’s room, and finally my half brother’s room. I was talking to my sister about the house, she mentioned that in the room, there is a corner — the obvious corner for putting a bed, because the room is so small — that she had never put her bed in “because it made her feel weird”. I realized that I had it in that corner for a while, but whenever I went to sleep, I would find my body turned away from the corner, often waking up completely 180 from the corner. Other than in that corner, I have never been a restless sleeper–even at my mom’s house during the same period.

My half-brother sleeps with his head in that corner, but he’s always been a restless sleeper, so I don’t notice it any more.


– Posted by Bob_The_Mighty; Fark


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