Until Doors Started To Slam

July 26, 2011

I tried to write this all down but it ended up being a small movel. So the short version is:

My College roommates girlfriends house was haunted. No maybe, not we saw some strange things. that place was haunted. The girl was very open about it and tons of little things happened the year we hung out there, the worst night was when we were on the second floor there was clearly someone walking on the floor above us (3 story old house on the old Main Street). We kinda laughed about it until doors started to slam… HARD from that floor above us.

The girl started looking nervous when the doors started to slam and said we should go. Normally the little incidents or sounds made her chuckle but she looked really freaked out that night. We left out the back door and she explained that in High School she lost a boyfriend when they were in her room alone and the door started slamming itself followed by the boyfriend felt something punch him in the back and neck.

– Posted by Yakk; Fark

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