The Power Isn’t Out

July 26, 2011

biggest one for me:

when I lived in knoxville with my parents, I had the basement to myself(go figure for a farker but I was still 17-20 then..) There were very few windows in the basement so any morning light I wouldn’t get. I would always leave a lamp on outside my room when I went to bed. My bedroom door took a lot of force to open, the knob was stiff and the frame seemed a bit small. it took a decent bit of force to turn the knob and a shoulder to pop the door open/closed but I always just dealt with that because sleeping with the bedroom door open bothers me.

One night, I get woken up to something hitting my bedroom door and my dog shaking and crying right next to me on the bed(she always slept right next to me and she’s a small poodle, no way in hell she made the sound or opened the door on her own when it took most of my weight.) I’m out of it, look at my clock and it was off so I thought at first the power was out, maybe my parents were stumbling around looking for a flashlight or to tell me that there was a storm or something. I was going to ignore it and go back to sleep. Then it hits me, my stereo is on and I can see light coming from under the bedroom door – the power isn’t out. No sooner than I realize this, my bedroom door opens and closes. I jump up and scramble looking for my flashlight that I kept next to my clock – it wasn’t there. I get up and stumble out of my bedroom and search this house top to bottom, every window, door, and garage closed and locked. I went as far as waking up my parents so they could help me look because I was convinced there was someone there(I originally thought there was just another person, in the house. didn’t consider anything paranormal until later.) We found nothing. We didn’t even find the flashlight until a week later in a spare bedroom when my parents had some friends over.

I’d swear that flashlight was there before I went to bed. Some people I’ve told this story to say it could be a created memory but I seem to remember seeing the flashlight shining right before the bedroom door opened and closed but I saw no shadow or anything pass before it closed.

Also, on inspecting why the clock was off – it was unplugged. This outlet was behind my bed where I don’t think I could’ve possibly gotten to it without waking myself up.

After that, there were several incidents of sound on my stereo or computer cutting out and an extremely deep voice comming through. I’ve got no explanation for any of it.

– Posted by SeT Abominae ; Fark

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