Spoke To Jesus Last Night…

July 26, 2011

I worked as a ped nurse in a childrens hospital in Ga. We get very close to our chronically ill children. There was one boy I was giving care to who had ALL and had slipped out of remission. He was doing well with his therapy for the most part, no unexpected complications. One morning our CNA came to me after taking his vs and told me to check on him “He’s not acting quite right”. As I assess him and ask how he is feeling he states “I’m alright!! I’m doing great! I want to see my aunt. She is the worlds GREATEST auntie!!” His belly was largely distended and hard as it could be for his little body. His o2 sat was 79%. I asked him if he hurt? he replied “I’m alright!!! I’m not going to hurt anymore! I talked to Jesus last night and he said everything is just fine!” My heart sank, we all know what that means. His mother called his aunt and he introduced us all to her and then told the story of his visit from Jesus again. There was a chair beside the bed that he said he sat in. We CT’d the belly and chest and found the chest whited out. He was moved to PICU and ventilated. All the while “He was FINE!”. He died about 1 week later from ARDS. It’s comforting to know Jesus came to see him and help him over the way. Religiously I’ve not been quite the same.

– Posted by nrssandyb; Allnurses


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