Nurse In White

July 26, 2011

I work Med/Surg, and about 3-4 years ago I had a pt in her 50’s that came in with abd pn and constipation, went for an exlap.

Well, the case was open & shut, once they got in there they saw so much cancer they just closed the incision. Nothing was resectable.

Anyway, I got her straight from PACU into room 26, she was still stuporous and the surgeon had not yet informed her of the situation. No family was around, and no visitors came during my shift.

I got her at about 8pm, the strange incident took place about 2-3 am.

I entered the room to do VS rounds, and she was sobbing.
I asked her if she was in pain, she denied pain but said that “the other nurse just told me my surgery didn’t go very well and I don’t have long to live”.

I just about blew my top, I was livid, I wanted to find out whointhehell had told my patient about the surgery, that is the surgeon’s responsibility, not nrsg.
After calming my pt somewhat, I asked her what the ‘nurse’ looked like that had told her of the prognosis.
She described a nurse with a white hat, the white uniform with white stockings and everything down to hair color and height.
Well, on my floor there were only 5-6 of us working that night, and none fit the description even remotely. (And the only nurse I know of that still wears that sort of uniform works days in a different unit.)
My pt went on to tell me that this nurse in white sat at the edge of her bed, and sure enough, the foot of the bed and the sheets looked exactly like someone had been sitting there moments before.
This pt’s room is also at the end of the hall, with no door at the end, so the only way anyone could have gone to that room was to pass the nurses station and be seen. Noone had gone by.

Fast forward to a year ago, and another pt in 26 told one of the other night RN’s that a nurse in white kept coming in to check the IV’s.
I had not told that RN my story, and that RN was hired after my experience.

Then, about a month ago, one of the RN’s came down to the nurses station and asked who had room 26. The nurse that had that room spoke up and wondered what’s up? The first nurse said there was a lady sobbing in there and she heard it from the hall, but did not look in. Instead she came to ask 26’s nurse if she knew what the deal was. Well, 26’s nurse said that there was an elderly MAN in that room, not a woman. At that point we all went down and went into 26. The man was sleeping quietly, the TV and radio were off, and when we awoke the man, he denied pain, so I doubt he was whimpering in his sleep, certainly not sobbing as the first nurse heard.

So, this is three seperate wierd happenings in one room, all experienced by three seperate nurses that were previously unaware of the other instances.

Kinda prickles the hair on the back of my neck just thinking back on it all.

– Posted by kframe; Allnurses

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