Leave It Alone

July 26, 2011

I worked in a LTC that had a strange haunting. The room in which in happened was occupied by a 65 year old comatose male. He had no roommate. The man’s TV was often on, per family request. The volume on the TV would go up and down without anyone touching the volume button. I, myself had been in the room when this had happened. Maintaince had checked the TV several times and could find nothing wrong.
Once on night shift a friend and a CNA went in the room to do a tx on the gentleman. The volume on the TV went up, my friend turned the volume down. Out of no where a man’s voice said “Leave it alone!”. My friend and the CNA got out of there real fast!! She was still in shock the next day when she was telling me about it

– Posted by bubblymom373; Allnurses


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