July 26, 2011

While I was in grade school my family lived in a haunted house. The house was occupied by either one entity that was alternately “good” and “evil” or by more than one entity. Either way whenever there was an incident the entity would respond to the name Frank. The family that owned the house before us had an Uncle Frank who had died in the house 40-some years before we moved in.

When I say he was both good and evil I mean he was sometimes almost playful, as when on a calm day my entire family, including an aunt and a cousin, witnessed a swing we had hanging from a tree in the yard swinging back and forth, as if someone was on it. One of us said “stop swinging Frank” and the swing would stop. Give the instruction “swing again Frank” and it would start up again. This went on for a good twenty minutes, starting and stopping on command, with nobody even near the swing.

Then there were the evil acts, although nobody was ever physically harmed, items were broken and the entity obviously intended to frighten us.

One night my father fell asleep on the couch watching TV. In the middle of the night we were woken up by my father screaming. He was pinned to the couch with his arms against his chest. He woke up and intended to go up to bed but was unable to move. When my mother responded to his shouts and realized what was happening she simply said “leave him alone Frank” and my father was released. My dad may have been playing or temporarally insane, but I have never seen him as frightened as he was that night.

A favorite trick of Frank’s was to slam the basement door. It would happen at random times, when nobody was even near it, but most often it happened when someone went to the basement. You could even prop the door open but when you weren’t looking, SLAM! The door would stand open on it’s own without closing, as it might if it was hung poorly, and it never slowly swung closed, if Frank wanted it closed he would slam it closed.

Other malicious occurances were dishes, toys and other items flying across a room and smashing against the wall. Once we were watching TV when dishes started smashing, we went to the kitchen and plates and cups were flying from the cabinet against the wall opposite. “Stop it Frank”, and it stopped.

Once I was walking home from school when I noticed clothes flying out of an upstairs window. I thought maybe someone had broken in so I ran to the house next door and had them call the police. The positions of the neighboring houses allowed us to see the front and the north side of the house from the house I was at, and we called the neighbors on the other side, who could see the back and the south side. We had the house covered and saw nobody leave the house, and the south side neighbors said clothes continued to occasionally fly out the window. When the police showed up he went inside, and came running out minutes later. He was shaken and said nobody was in the house but he saw a shirt come off the floor and fly out the window. I told Frank to leave the clothes alone, and everything returned to “normal”.

There were many, many other occurances, and every member of my family (mom, dad, 3 brothers & 1 sister) had personal interactions with Frank. As mentioned here neighbors, police and relatives, as well as several friends witnessed events that went on. I could get at least 40 people to attest to different things they saw.

You can say there are no such things as ghosts, but noone ever convinced Frank.

– Posted by Dupa; Fark

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