Come Back Here

July 26, 2011

Here’s mine: long story lesslong, a while back me and a few friends decided it’d be a fun idea to go to a “abandoned insane asylum” that none had been to, but knew friends who had. We’re driving along this old highway and see a clearing in the trees and road blocks, we decide this must be it, because of the 20 clearings we’d past, this is the only one blocked off, and as we walked past the FIVE road blocks, past the guardgate to the left there was a giant building. So there is me, 2 normal kids, and a weird religious kid, and he decides its too creepy and goes back to the car, we drove 45mins to get there, and decide we dont want to leave 3 mins after arriving. So we start walking to the back, and theres a paved road (its about 1/2 mile long) to the left is the buildings, to the right a field of weeds (6-8ft tall), well the road curved around the field. So we’re standing back there, and I hear the kid who went to the car calling my name saying “come back here” so we start walking back, and I say “whoa wait a minute, he’s over 1/4 mile away, we cant even hear the cars going by on the highway yet we can hear him clear as day?” so we started walking back slower, and saw him walking infront of the barricades (its about midnight now, we saw a black figure with the background of passing headlights with his bodyshape) and he wouldnt answer us, and as we got closer we realized the black figure wasnt the kid, he never left the highway and claimed to have never called me name. If you’re in south florida and want to check this place out, email me (email in profile) its west of US27 by the micosukee CASINO not reservation

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