Blonde Woman In The Doorway

July 26, 2011

Hi everyone, I worked on a palliative care ward with two private rooms on each side of the nurses’ station. Only the very ill were in those rooms, often with days or hours to live as most of you well know.
I had two seperate patients, on two seperate occasions say that they saw a blonde woman standing in the doorway behind me, there wasn’t anyone there! Now granted, both of these patients were on morph BUT they were pertrified after seeing this woman who they both described with the same discription. I asked the other nurses if they recalled a certain patient who may have died in that specific room, but none had personally recalled having a blonde woman around 30 having passed away in that room.
The room number was 719. That hospital has since been converted into a stylish retirement home after 90 yrs of memories as a general hospital.
I wonder if the GHOST of this blonde woman is still there?

– Posted by Prison Nurse RPN; Allnurses


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