Beautiful Singing

July 26, 2011

My husband’s Uncle passed away this summer. He hadn’t been in the best of health for a few months and he ended up with pneumonia and began spiralling down from there. On a Monday his wife was sitting next to his bed holding hands with him and talking. He told her that he wouldn’t be around much longer. She asked him who had told him that and all he did was take his index finger and point upward. He passed away peacefully two days later.

My CNA instructor had several stories of caring for people prior to their passing. One story sticks out in my mind. Her pt was a dear friend that she had known for several years. The pt had ca and was receiving comfort care. My instructor was in the room with her and the the pt sat up with a beautiful smile and asked my instructor if she had ever heard such lovely singing before. There of course was no one singing on the floor, no loud radios, and no tv’s. The pt died just a few days later.

One of my dearest friend’s in high school once told me the story of the angels. My friend had a brother that was 10 years older than she was and an older sister that would have been 12 years older than she was, we’ll call the older sister Pat. Church had just dismissed and Pat exited the church via the basement stairs, which was unusual for her, any way the wind caught ahold of her Sunday school artwork and blew it into the road and sadly enough Pat went to fetch it and was hit by a passing car. The night of Pat’s funeral her mother heard her son talking to someone in his room so she checked on him and he was alone. She sat down and he told her that he was sad because the angels wouldn’t be back anymore. Upon further questioning he said that the angels had been visiting him and Pat for quite some time now. They told Pat of her future and that she wouldn’t suffer and their last visit the night of the funeral was to assure him that Pat didn’t suffer and that they would no longer be visiting but to know that his sister was in good hands.

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