July 26, 2011

My father was the only child of a farmer whose wife died of cancer when my father was 21. The farm was actually hers because her father had owned it before he comitted suicide by hanging himself in the barn. When she died, Dad quit college and returned home to help out with the farm.

About 10 years after moving home my dad met my mom, married her, and moved to the city about 20 miles away. Grandpa felt abandoned and depressed and comitted suicide in the kitchen (I wasn’t born until a few years later).

Dad rented out the farm house to a family for about 15 years who never complained of anything strange or supernatural. When the renters moved on, we went out there to clean it up again, and that’s when things started getting spooky.

There was a room where a staircase had been until Dad and Grandpa moved it to the other side of the house. While we were repainting that room, we could hear sounds of someone using the now non-existant staircase. Our dog refused to go into that room and once I saw her barking at it with her hair on end. My mom said she looked up from working on the kitchen floor and saw my dad’s grandpa leaning on the doorway watching her, but he then disappeared.

We rented out the house again to a few different renters who also never complained of anything spooky. After another few years, dad sold the 10 acres with the house on it.

By this time, I had moved away from my parents house, but I heard some strange rumors from my sisters about things going on in the house. Several times when my parents came home they would hear a radio on in the basement, but on going down there the sound would fade and they wouldn’t find anything on. Another time my dad was reloading shotgun shells and one shell fell off the reloader and on the floor twice on its own; when dad took a closer look the brass on the shell was cracked and could have caused a dangerous explosion if he had used the shell.

Fast-foward to the present; my parents have decided to sell all the land on the farm. Tomorrow the sale closes and the farm will transfer ownership after being in the family over a hundred years. On Sunday my parents had a fancy dinner at home to celebrate getting paid after the final crop was taken off the farm. My mom toasted saying, “Here’s to the final crop from the farm” and just then the house let out two low groans. They got up and looked for the cat to see if that was it, but the cat was sleeping in a chair.

– Posted by rdivine; Fark

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