World War 2

July 25, 2011

My parents told me that when i was really young (2 1/2 – 3) I started telling them about world war 2. I told them i was 16 or so during the bombings on London, and told them about how i went to get my drivers license and such.
My parents thought it was odd, due to the fact that i was way too young to know what WW2 was, what a drivers license was, and the age you needed to be to get one. Meh, weird.

Unrelated story:
My grandfather was in town in fredericksburg, va visiting us. We all decided to go visit the chancellorsville battle field. He said he was reading one of the historical monuments, then felt someone tap him on the shoulder. Turned and saw that there was no one around him for 50 yards. Kinda creeped him out.

– Posted by greenboy; Fark


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