Lock The Door

July 25, 2011

Totally true story:

Years ago, back when my wife and I were just dating, I had an experience that still gives me chills. I was living in my parents’ basement for a short stretch. It was finished with bedrooms, bathroom, living room, etc. Our families were both conservative, so even though she was allowed to “spend the night with me,” we played by the rules; she slept in my bed in my bedroom and I crashed on the couch. The rest of this story begins with a dream I had. Where the dream ended (or if it was even a dream at all), I still don’t know. It’s difficult to tell because it was one of those dreams where you’re in the same place and wearing the same clothes as the actual place where you are in reality.

So in the dream (or reality), I’m lying on the couch sleeping, when I am suddenly awakened by loud thumps. It was as though someone were pounding heavy fists into a door or wall. The sound was in the distance at first, but steadily drew closer. Eventually, I recognized that the sound was upstairs and was heading downstairs. About that time, the stairwell was awash with a bright light. I sensed a being of some kind walking down the stairs. The thumping grew louder.

The being crossed from the stairwell directly to my bedroom (where my future wife was sleeping). The being peered into the room, then turned and walked toward me on the couch.

It was within these next 5 seconds or so that the difference between reality and dream merged.

The being stood over me with a radiance of blinding light. I saw no facial features – just light – but it was evidently humanoid. I was terrified of it. I was in my mid-20s and I swear I have never been so scared before or since. Then the being spoke to me in a voice that resembled a female, but wasn’t quite human: “You left the door unlocked. You need to lock the door.” That is all it said.

The being then started to dissipate in front of me and slowly float to the other corner of the room. I am positive that I was totally awake when I saw the last remnants of its light fade into nothing. Literally, there was no “waking up” feeling after I witnessed this.

For roughly 30 seconds, I lay suspended in fear. A powerful notion in my head battled with that fear and eventually overpowered the fear. It said to me: what you saw was real. You were given a warning and you need to act right now. My courage finally kicked in and I got up.

My first instinct was to check on my (future) wife. I walked into that bedroom and found her in a most curious position: she had the blankets pulled up over her face. She is not prone to doing this as I have found out in the years we’ve been married. When I saw her like that, I immediately assumed she had subconsciously shielded herself from the blinding light of the being.

My next step was to climb the stairs and check on the back door (which was my assumption for what the being was referring to, considering the fact it was the way we had entered the house for the evening). I climbed the stairs slowly. When I got near the top, I reached out my hand and felt for the door knob. The door was unlocked. It was customary to lock the door, so I was pretty freaked out that it wasn’t locked. I quickly locked it and then proceeded to search the rest of the house to make sure someone hadn’t come in. I checked the clock in the kitchen. It was just after 3 a.m.

After searching the house and finding nothing awry, I returned to bed.

The next morning, we were all eating breakfast and I started to recount the story. My mom grew pale once I got to the thumping noise part. She said that she was awakened a little after 3am and heard loud banging noises near the house. Once I got toward the end of the story, my step-dad began to freak out a little. He told me how he had left to get his newspaper and coffee in the morning and how the door that led from the garage out into the backyard was swinging wide open when he got out there. We NEVER leave that door open. Someone had obviously opened it and entered our garage.

So was someone in the garage that night? Was the banging noise their attempt to get into the house? Would they have come into the house with evil intent had I not locked the door right before they got there? Had this being of light been sent to warn me? Was it a ghost? An angel? I don’t know for sure, but I do know beyond doubt that the events were all connected, that I wasn’t dreaming (at least not the whole time), and that I had some kind of supernatural experience. I’m just glad that the being who visited me was benign.

– Posted by motobvious; Fark

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  1. it could of been an angel 🙂

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