Dreaming of the Woman At The Window

July 25, 2011

When I was 12 years old my grandparents purchased an old farmhouse on about 10 acres in rural Georgia. The farmhouse was built around a cabin built around 1830. We used to visit a lot and help maintain the property, paint the house, mow the lawn, tend the garden etc.
About a year after they purchased the property I had a dream that began with me mowing the front lawn (about an acre… a pain in the ass with a push mower). I looked up at the attic window to see an old woman standing there in a burgundy dress. She had long white hair streaked with black Without warning the woman flew out the window towards me, mouth wide open, face quickly aging to bone, emitting a blood curtling scream. She flew straight at me, then veered to the right and disappeared into a patch of woods that adjoined my parents property.
I had the same dream nearly every night for months, it really started freaking me out to the point where I wrote a description of the dream down in detail.
One morning my dad mentioned that my grandfather had awoken to see an old woman (not my grandmother) standing above his bed watching him.
I had my dad ask my grandfather to describe the woman he saw. When he described her to me I produced the account of the dream I had written down months before.
It was the same woman.
Years later we found the graves of a husband and wife, former inhabitants of the house, in that patch of wood. We hadn’t seen them before because the markers were broken and covered with brush.

– Posted by mrphil; Fark


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