As If Looking For Something

July 25, 2011

I can relate an experience about 9 years ago. I was working on a tele unit in New Orleans East (destroyed by Katrina and mold) on the night shift (doesn’t it seem always on nights?). I was in our lounge when a cna walked in white as a sheet (she is black). It seems that in this particular room we admitted a patient who was desperately ill – I can’t remember why – but anyway, we stabilized him, sent him to surgery, and he came back, doing relatively well, that is until several days later when he arrested suddenly and died (embolus?). Anyway, the cna tells me that the patient presently in the room asked had someone died in this room as she began to exactly describe the gentleman perfectly, and that he was walking back and forth in the room, as if he was looking for something. Now I am not given to “ghost stories”, but I have no explanation for this event.  Maybe there are things beyond our understanding.

– Posted by phil1968; Allnurses


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